Why We Created Pores

Skincare spreadsheet was no longer enough.

Pores started as a passion project for us.

We were loyal skincare spreadsheet users for years. But we felt that a spreadsheet was no longer enough. We wanted something more to make our lives easier.

The skincare app market is underserved.

We tried tracking our skincare routines and products through note-taking and list-making apps. We tested many skincare organizer/ journal/ diary apps. Something was still missing.

We believe the skincare app market is underserved, and there is room for a better skincare app.

We see skincare as self-care.

We embrace skincare as self-care. We all lead busy lives. We know making time for self-care can be challenging.

A skincare app can help you stay organized with skincare routines and products. But we want to go beyond that. We want you to transform the process of caring for your skin. Make the process more relaxing and meditative. We want to encourage you to make a conscious effort of doing that.

So we are creating Pores, a skincare + self-care app designed with self-care in mind. Created by skincare users, for skincare users.

Who We Are

We are a small team of skincare enthusiasts with varying backgrounds. Because we enjoy talking about skincare and the skin itself, we are also active, contributing members of the SkincareAddiction community on Reddit.